1. R

    FreeNAS Mini XL Fuse AMP Requirements

    Hi all, We recently bought a FreeNAS Mini XL which included an American plug, which unfortunately doesn't work within the UK. A UK plugs come with a fuse fitted. Does anyone know what AMP fuse should be used with this server? I'm assuming it's between 3-5 AMPS, but I can't seem to find any...
  2. T

    Cannot Import NTFS HDD

    Hi, I've just installed FreeNAS 11u2 on my HP Microservers and setup the storage space. I'm still on 1GbE so I'm hoping to populate my datasets via NTFS USB3 External HDDs that I use for cold storage. According to the user guide, this is done in the FreeNAS GUI through Storage>Import Disk, one...
  3. xioustic

    [Bounty] FUSE Mount within a Jail (encfs / sshfs)

    Hello, I've spent a few days on this and not too sure how to proceed, so reaching out for help. I'll put a $75 bounty on this issue payable in Bitcoin. I want to use EncFS (Encrypted Filesystem) within a a jail. EncFS requires the usage of FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) which is native to...