full-disk encryption

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    Encryption without SED hard drives

    I have put in place all the encryption setting in my Freenas box 11.2 but i have normal hard drive (non SED drives). What will happend? the data will be not encripted or it will use the CPU in order to encrypt the data?. I have search the forum for a simple answer but I haven´t found nothing...
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    Full Disk Encryption

    This is my first post on this forum. I am looking to purchase a number of FreeNAS Mini XL's and one of the requirements we have is full disk encryption. It is unclear to me if the Mini XL includes full disk encryption (at rest). If anyone can answer this question, it would be appreciated. tjg
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    FreeNAS и полнодисковое шифрование

    Здравствуйте. Хочу поставить FreeNAS с полнодисковым шифрованием. Вот предполагаемая схема разбиения: ------------ ### Системные SSD Вторая SSD является зеркалом первой. Структура данных на SSD: - `part_boot` - раздел с фиктивным загрузчиком. Размер = 256 MB. Не используется. FreeBSD...