1. K

    AMD EPYC 3251 SuperMicro Server

    So, in case any of you are wondering, I built a second FreeNAS box and wanted to try out the EPYC. I mean, I get to say EPYC and it's got 8 cores / 16 threads. So I bought one here at SuperMicro, through a reseller. It's small enough to fit in a 16" deep network rack...
  2. T

    SOLVED MacOS users on SAMBA shares can only change tags on own files?

    Hello there... All my users are on MacOS. They can tag files on SAMBA shares with various colours (A feature in the MacOS FInder). However, it only works on files the user is the owner off. It does not matter if the permissions are set to 777 using chmod (R/W for everyone). The user can change...
  3. T

    SOLVED Service SMB can not start after upgrade from FreeNAS11.2-U1 to FreeNAS11.2-U2

    Hello there... I just updated a FreeNAS server from 11.2-U1 to 11.2-U2. I can no longer start the SMB service. My users are in LDAP. EDIT: The problem was fixed by adding Adding winbind nested groups = no in section auxiliary parameter under Services->SMB. Thank you @anodos. Something is...
  4. D

    plugin install and "bridge 0: can t some capabilities on em0: 0x1"

    Hello, I have freenas 11.2 on a pc with a fx 8370 and an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK PRO1000 network card .. I tried to install plex .. however while it installs after the window with the percentage that says at what point is the installation ... brings me to the login with the installation window in...
  5. David Henrickson

    FreeNAS 11.2 12-5 Builddate PLEX not working

    Hello everyone. This is driving me nuts. I'm a quasi-noob, so bear with me. PLEX has been fine for me working with the new IOCage jail. I have them mounted on an SSD mirror and been speedy. With that I went from RC1 to the new one that came out 12-05-2018 and after that PLEX just started acting...