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freenas11 bhyve windows10

  1. X

    Bhyve - Windows 10 slower on 11.2 than 11.1

    My Freenas build is on a PowerEdge T30 - Xeon E3-1225V5 - 16gb RAM. I run a Windows 10 VM with 4gb RAM and 2 cores, zvol on SSD, very standard setup. With the version 11.1, the VM ran smoothly. When I updated to version 11.2, the VM become very slow. I decided to reinstalled it but now, the...
  2. A

    FreeNAS11 Windows 10 VM freeze

    Hey, I have installed Windows 10 in vm. The installation was a simple going through without problems, but after installation the System always freeze in the Login Screen while connecting with vnc. I have also installed an Ubuntu Server in VM which runs without problems, what can cause that...
  3. C

    SOLVED FreeNAS 11 w Windows 10 VM doesn't restart

    Hi all, I've installed FreeNAS 11 and have a Windows 10 VM running well. The one issue I'm having is if I restart it within the Windows VM it does not reboot unassisted correctly and I need to manually go in via VNC to get it to restart. Is there something I am missing here?