freenas reboot

  1. okynnor

    FreeNAS unexpected and sudden restart

    Hi, I was wondering why FreeNAS would unexpectedly and suddenly restart? It's the first time I've encountered this issue so I wanted to understand what's going on so I can plan for it, if that's even possible. With this incident, all my production servers that were relying on FreeNAS iSCSI...
  2. A

    SOLVED FreeNAS Reboot Datastore missing

    Dear All Today I have Problem on my FreeNAS 9.3 FreeNAS Reboot Randomly and reboot several times, due to this reboot, my end user can access NFS properly When i Checked Uptime (Below Picture) its said uptime 2 minutes All configuration GONE after i wait 5 minute more, FreeNAS goes reboot...