freenas-build 9.10

  1. Dennis Jensen

    Get onboard the Train?

    Okay I am curious FreeNAS 9.10 seems to use the Train concept as one means to update itself is there any explanation on how this is done and/or how this might be duplicated outside of FreeNAS? Basically how does one go about setting up a Train station such as that is set up with FreeNAS 9.10 so...
  2. Dennis Jensen

    Where or where did it go ?

    In FreeNAS 9.3 when you did a build you got an ISO and an Update.txz however in a FreeNAS 9.10 you get an ISO and a Debug.txz ?? So is this Debug.txz the same thing as the Update.txz of old or is it something totally different -- if the latter is there anything equivalent to the Update.txz as...