#freenas 9.10 build

  1. AngryHat

    The New Guy

    Hey everyone, New to the scene, and i came here to expand my knowledge on FreeNAS. I look forward to meeting new folks and making new friends. I'm a firearms instructor by day and gamer by night. oh and I love my new PC workstation i just built. Please feel free to shoot me some advice, I...
  2. Dennis Jensen

    FreeNAS 9.10 New Build System vs FreeNAS 9.3 Build System

    I have been looking and trying to find some documentation (or anything for that matter) that would outline how the New FreeNAS 9.10 Build System works (aka how does the engine work not how do I start the engine) or even better would be something that talked to the differences between FreeNAS 9.3...
  3. Dennis Jensen

    Documentation Seriously Out of Date

    I was searching through the 9.10 Documentation to see if I can find out how the New Build Topology is laid out so that I can find out what happened to several of the 9.3 files that no longer exists in 9.10 namely (Makefile, build/nanobsd/nanobsd_funcs.sh...