freenas 11.2 u3

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    USB Passthrough (FN 11.2-U3)

    I am trying to passthrough a USB controller to a Windows VM. I've previously setup the VM using the web gui interface. I've followed the directions listed at and...
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    SOLVED Logging in to new GUI reboots machine. Legacy GUI OK.

    Hello.... I recently messed up my FreeNAS 11.2-U3 installation. I reverted back to a previous 11.2-U2.1 installation. Having reverted, I could no longer log in using the new GUI. The (new) GUI would hang when logging ind, and eventually the machine would reboot (Possibly triggered by reloading...
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    Why my Plex does not load to library from symbolic link in my Freenas?

    I am running Freenas 11.2 U3 I created a Symbolic link and Plex server in Windows have no problem to read library from symbolic link. Plex server in running in Freenas does not add to library items from symbolic link. How do I make Plex under Freenas to add to library from symbolic link?