#freenas 11.2

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    FREENAS Raidz2 2/3HDD fails

    Hi! Is there any fix with my pool. at first it was only degraded because one of the hdd have unreadable (pending sectors) after it finish silvering im about to replace the drive then after reboot the other drive had unreadable (pending sectors) too and now my pool state was unknown i just need...
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    root password login

    Iam relatively new to FreeNAS and not an IT professional. I installed FreeNAS 11.2 U5 and I am trying to configure user accounts and groups. I have 2 problems, which I think are related (but may not) 1- I can login into the GUI from my Mac laptop with the root password I set during...
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    Tvheadend & FreeNAS

    Hi I have a FreeNAS box that i want to use fo my movies and TV Recordings I also have a box that converts Freeview TV into htsp fo local streaming.So i googled and couldnt find any info and before you say it use Emby or Plex i aint paying for any of those. So i creted a FreeNAS 11.2 Jail and...