1. P

    SOLVED FreeNAS + FreeIPA - New users can't access samba. "The security database is corrupted".

    Hello all As a preface, I did not develop this system of FreeNAS with FreeIPA LDAP authentication in our environment. Unfortunately that individual is no longer at our disposal. I'll do my best to answer questions or pull logging or other details that might be helpful. The setup: Freenas mini...
  2. N

    FreeNAS 11 + FreeIPA LDAP Authentication

    Hello Freenas community, I am new here and this question has been asked already a "few" times. Unfortunately I have been 3 days non stop at it and just can't get it right. The idea: To have CIFS shares working with FreeIPA user authentication. The steps I've taken so far: Added cifs service...
  3. Howard Swope

    FreeNAS LDAP with FreeIPA

    I am trying to get my FreeNAS to create SMB shares which authenticate against FreeIPA (Redhat Identity Management on Centos7). I have SAMBA installed on FreeIPA box. From the FreeNAS box running getent passwd shows my created users. I can successfully access AFP shares and can successfully SSH...
  4. D

    AD/FREEIPA/FREENAS, who's up for the challenge?

    Hey all, So here is the situation, We have a windows 2012 R2 RODC that has a one way trust with freeIPA 4.3 server. I need to be able to authenticate my CIFS/SMB share on Freenas 9.10 with either of these using the windows domain creds. (ldap to AD can also be used). The caveat is that the...