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    12x6TB, 1240v5, Lian Li A76

    Original Post: So after seeing this build I decided I'd like to use this case. I've really wanted a Lian Li q26 for a while, but I think I'm content with this case. Also, given that expanding a vdev is not possible, I kind of want this to last me... foreverish, and I'm going crazy with the...
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    Home FreeNAS Canibalized from a Lenovo TS140

    Hey everybody, I've dabbled with FreeNAS and trolled these forums for a few years, and I figured I'd finally post something. My original FreeNAS build would probably make most of you cringe (Biostar J1900MH2 Celeron MicroATX motherboard/CPU combo, and some WD Green drives I had laying around)...