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  1. G

    SOLVED LSI SAS2008 HBA (aka 9211-8i ?) Q: Firmware Upgrade? to stop BIOS detection + fix hotswap not working.

    Main Question: ----------------------- Running Freenas 11.2-U8 on a Dell Poweredge T310 on an aftermarket OEM LSI HBA card already in IT mode, that I thought was an LSI 9211-8i, but it turns out its actually an OEM IBM 9200 / SAS2008. I honestly have no idea what LSI card is equal to what, I am...
  2. S

    Dell H310 flashing to IT mode Issues

    I purchased a Dell PERC H310 off eBay with the idea of expanding the drives in my HP Microserver Gen8 after doing a fair amount of digging on here and finding that the general consensus was these are pretty cost effective and work great in IT mode. I then headed over to mattr's tutorial here...
  3. Vincent Saelzler

    Walkthrough: Crossflash Dell PERC H310

    I hope my personal experience on this is helpful for others! I utilized OCR software to capture some of the command outputs in text format. That's something which generally seem to be missing from forum posts on this topic. A Dell PERC H310 was flashed, using a Dell PowerEdge R720xd. Software...
  4. M

    flashing LSI2308 firmware

    My HBA firmware is out of date: # sas2flash -listall LSI Corporation SAS2 Flash Utility Version (2013.03.01) Copyright (c) 2008-2013 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS: SAS2308_1(D1) Num Ctlr FW Ver NVDATA x86-BIOS...
  5. Norlig

    SOLVED Help reflashing LSI 9220-8i to IT mode

    Hi, I ordered myself an IBM M1015 / LSI 9220-8i I am following these 2 posts on how to flash it to IT-mode: I started with...