feature request

  1. S

    Help (if possible / or Feature request) setting up Physical Drive as VM, graphics switching.

    Hello, I am trying to create a dual bootable ZFS NAS ITX box using 7 x 3.5" hard drives as a ZFS storage pool, as the system starts, loads an additional M.2 1TB physical disk (already installed with Windows 10) as a guest Virtual machine at startup. Windows will see the ZFS pool as a network...
  2. X

    Cloud Sync RClone Generated Config Files

    I've got a problem and I want to resolve it in a very specific way that I'm sure people will find... silly :) FreeNAS doesn't seem to use the "--fast-list" option for the cloud sync configs it generates, so, every sync is costing me around $0.30 using B2 block storage (there's a /lot/ of files...
  3. PetrZ

    API Auth

    Hi. There is "Currently only the user of ID 0 (root) is allowed to access the API." in API documentation. Is there any chance it will be changed (implemented) in future releases? That really limits some serious usage. E.g. you want to give permit some script / person to add users or certificates...
  4. H

    New to Freenas: are these issues bugs or features?

    I just built a FreeNAS for myself one month ago. So far, I encountered the following problems which I couldn't solve. Although I hacked through some of these problems, it is still quite painful to use. I wish to ask whether these are expected behaviors or bugs to be solved, or am I missing...
  5. James Snell

    Suggestion: Mirror FreeNAS OS on all storage devices

    Why not change FreeNAS so that every drive you attach will be added a mirror member of the OS volume? This just makes sense to me, probably because I know little of the bootloader's requirements. Has this concept been discussed? Am I living in a dream-world? Both my FreeNAS rigs run on mirrored...
  6. averyfreeman

    Please don't abandon Jails in future releases

    Hi, I recently went from using 10.0.4 Corral to 9.10 when I read that the development of Corral would be abandoned. Through that downgrading experience, I realize that Docker is incredibly useful and has a substantial user/code base, but I much prefer Jails. Jails are MUCH easier to use and...