failed hdd

  1. Kiran Kankipati

    SOLVED Demo FreeNAS RAID10 ZFS Pool failed drives and upgrade drives experiments

    Hey guys, checkout my cool video which I did with my FreeNAS setup. I did a setup with 8-drives configured in RAID10 ZFS pool. And I did multiple iterations of failed drives and upgrade drives scenario. Since it is RAID-level10, to speed-up my demo I did removal/replacement of 2-drives each...
  2. D

    Is it safe to replace both drives in a mirror if both of them are dying?

    Heh, crappy thread title, I didn't know how to put this better, so allow me to clarify. I have one FreeNAS box configured with a single two-drive mirror. This morning I received an email telling me that my drives are failing: Device: /dev/ada1, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors Device...
  3. StephenFry

    Replacing a drive using CLI - what happens to swap-partition and ashift on new drive?

    This afternoon I assisted a panicked friend who had a failed HDD in his FreeNAS and it led me to an interesting question. To me, at least, because I don't know the answer... He uses, the last 32-bit version, for reasons I'm not aware of. The setup is a 4-drive RAID-Z2. Again, I don't...