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    New FreeNAS setup with External Drives

    Hi, sorry if this is a post already answered. I want to create a NAS basic 4TB mirrored system and in general conversation someone said, why not buy yourself an ITX box (with USB 3.0) and use FreeNAS and a couple of external drives. Searching on this forum seems to suggest all is not well with...
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    Backup tutorials, Bacula?

    Hello, I've got my FreeNAS box up and running (with help from this forum) and I'm learning as I go but I've been unable to find any tutorials to meet my backup needs. Please can some one point me in the right direction, or if nothing currently exists if some one would be willing to write...
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    USB External drives supported?

    Hi All, I am using FreeNAS in a SOHO environment. I am running out of space. I currently back up my iMac to an AFS share on my FreeNAS. to a locally USB attached drive and to Dropbox, so I'm not too worried about redundancy. My FreeNAS TimeMachine AFS is using ~ 3.5TB of space. I was...