1. lexxai

    External USB storage, controlled power off/on cycle

    I use external Seagate 10TB disk for periodically sync zfs snapshots, and for safe use and correct spin down. By some case device never try spin down after unmounting device. For resolve I try use usbcontrol for power_off usb port. usbconfig -d ugen0.3 power_off All work OK, externall device...
  2. H

    Expansion on the cheap...?

    Hello! Until last week I had a ReadyNAS Duo. Now I have a Gen10 HP Microserver running FreeNAS and I am *happy*. FreeNAS rocks, and so do a lot of people here on the forum who give good advice - thank you! My use case is fairly low: MediaServer (but watching max. 1 movie or four TV shows a...
  3. N

    Any alternative to destroying the pool

    I have a box with 4 x 6TB drives in RAIDZ2 that I want to expand to 8 x 6TB drives in RAIDZ2. AFAIK I have to destroy/recreate the pool and reload everything from backup. Is there any alternative that I might have missed? I'm looking at a day or so downtime, and a bit of risk, so I'd love to...
  4. C

    High Capacity With Expandability

    Hi All Im looking into a first real NAS system i have am currently running 3 separate store bought boxes but have run out of storage on all and am needing a better solution for all my needs. I have a collection of hard drives im going to be using and would like a build that will accommodate all...
  5. m0nkey_

    RAIDZ expansion, it's happening ... someday!

    If you've not already seen it, RAIDZ expansion is happening. The OpenZFS project tweeted this earlier today. https://twitter.com/OpenZFS/status/921042446275944448 So what does this mean and why you should be excited? Well, lets say you have a RAIDZ pool and you want to add more drives, well...
  6. S

    Backup jail for storage expansion

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on expanding my current storage (4x4TB raidz2 to 6x4TB raidz2) very soon. I fully understand that I will have to destroy my pool and start from scratch and am ok with that since I have a backup solution to store all my data during the transition. However, I'd like...