1. U

    Emulex FC Mezzannie Card MC-FC82E in blade - driver

    Hello, I have a problem running the Emulex FC MC-FC82E card on the Fujitsu BX920 s2 blade machine. Freenas installed with no problem, I can see the FC card but I can't get the isp0 interface. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install a qlogic card because this platform does not support them...
  2. C

    HP NC550SFP

    Hello, I have installed FreeNAS 11.2U6 on one of my machines - but the HP NC550SFP does not show up after the install. It is initialized during the boot, but seems like the driver is not catching it. Please help :)
  3. The violonist

    FreeNAS / DELL blade m610 / Emulex & QLogic FC HBA

    Hello, I am working on our current (32 Tb) NAS replacement, and am considering building the new one on top of FreeNAS. FreeNAS would be installed on one of our "old" servers : a DELL Blade, m610 (8 CPU, 96 Gb), and access our SAN storage through the Fiber Channel fabric. Currently, this server...