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    É possivel instalar FreeNAS em storages Lenovo?

    Boa tarde, Segue listas de modelos: LenovoEMC™ px12-400r LenovoEMC™ px12-350r px12-TI339P - LenovoEMC™ StorCenter px12-350r Obrigado!
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    Is possible to install FreeNAS on Lenovo?

    Is possible to install FreeNAS on Lenovo models: px12-TI339P LenovoEMC™ px12-400r LenovoEMC™ px12-350r ? Thanks
  3. G

    New on FC hardware from a DIY perspective (sata to FC and FC questions)

    Hello, I have the oportunity to get some EMC DAEs for free and also some FC cards, they are 4gc FC, from a CX3, and in one of the shelves there was some 1TB SATA drives with FC to SATA. My questions are: do I have any size limit in the drives I use due to the FC to SATA Interposer? (something...