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  1. T

    FreeNas Nvidia Quadro K4000 Suppport

    So I am running FreeNas with a Emby jail and I would like to add a GPU to the server for emby to utilize. Is this possible? If so would the k4000 work with FreeNas and would emby be able to utilize it (not an expert on jails and if hardware passthrough would be needed) Is the a better card...
  2. oOMrYairOo

    FreeNas 11.2 U6 and Emby Jail Plugin

    Helo Everyone Im running the latest freenas, I installed emby plugin and mount points but the problem is that emby dont se my movies on shared freenas folder called movies The mount points are The source is at /mnt/storage/movies Destination is /mnt/storage/iocage/jails/emby/root/mnt/movies i...
  3. l@e

    transcoding /cpu chart

    I know that is not the primary use of FN to trans-code video, but since plex and emby are there, why not use them. i believe most of us make use of them for home setups. was thinking of building a chart of reference between cpu models and trans-coding capabilities based on real life builds...
  4. cozd74

    Emby Media server su Freenas 11.2 RCx

    ho installato l'ultima versione di Emby media server su freenas 11.2 RC 2 (iocage) ma no funziona bene; in particolare ho i seguenti problemi: - nella libreria Video non vedo le anteprime ma solo rettangoli colorati con i nomi dei file; - a parte Kodi, che ho installato sul tablet, con nessun...
  5. C

    Emby fails to stream any video. FreeNas 11.2 Emby

    Hi all, so I've reinstalled emby after updating to FreeNas 11.2 and none of the content in the libraries will stream. I've setup the storage and the plugin all in the new UI and Emby reads all the data on the drives, I can still download movies from emby but it won't stream anything. Just keeps...
  6. R

    Help with configuring Emby on FreeNAS

    I am new to this forum I have installed FreeNAS and added 2 Disk in Mirrored setup. I created 2 datasets for Music and Movie and copied respective Medias. Then I installed Emby plugin. How do I configure Emby to read the media files.