duck dns

  1. Monkey_Demon

    WebDAV, Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL Certificates, and Domain Names

    I've posted about this subject before, but in a very different context. This time I've made much more progress and believe I'm almost there. I just need some help to get over the goal line. Summary In a nutshell, I've successfully created a WebDAV share and now want to access it with https://...
  2. rubendepedro

    [DDNS] Duck DNS setup @ FreeNAS 11.1

    Hello I noticed that FreeNAS 11.1 introduced a bunch of new DDNS providers, including Duck DNS. How can one configure it in 'Services --> Dynamic DNS -->' without using a cron job? The fields on the form don't match the required values. For instance, the form asks for a Username +...