1. G

    SOLVED (w/work around): dropbox sync error on FreeNAS-11.2-U3

    Hi All, Trying to setup a dropbox sync for the first time using the System Cloud Credentials and Cloud Sync Tasks method outlined in this blog post (https://www.ixsystems.com/blog/dropbox-with-truenas-or-freenas/). I have it partially working but am getting an error that I don't know how to...
  2. S

    FreeNAS-11.1-U1 - VM

    Hello helping hands, I need some suggestions and support for my requirements. Let me put them down first. I want to sync Dropbox, OneDrive on my FreeNAS Box I have Apple TV, and I want to play movies, music and videos present in my FreeNAS without opening my Mac Syncing some crucial data...
  3. PD_ANZ

    Nextcloud Jail & Dropbox external storage

    Hi All Just an update on the Nextcloud 10 jail in the plugins repository for FreeNAS 11 U3. Dropbox made this announcement which may break some features in your nextcloud jail. https://blogs.dropbox.com/developers/2017/09/api-v1-shutdown-details/ If this feature is important to you as it...
  4. G

    Box does not want to save to my FreeNAS

    I have a Box account and want to set up Box Sync on my Mac. This Mac has a very small disk so I want the Box Sync folder to be on my FreeNAS. However Box Sync says "it can only write to an NTFS or HFS volume". Is there a way around this? If my Mac can write to the FreeNAS no problem, why can't...