drive replacement

  1. D

    Replacing a faulty drive from a raidz2 array

    I have a raidz2 array of 6 x 4tb wd reds. One of the drives are now reporting smart failures so I contacted the retailer for an rma. They would like me to send in the drive for evaluation and repair. Freenas would report the array as degraded when I remove the drive, but would it be fine to run...
  2. D

    SOLVED disk identification

    This might sound funny, but if you have 5 disks in a raid, how do you identify the faulty drive (physically) in your NAS box?
  3. Vrakfall

    Suggestions for a replacement drive

    Hello! I currently have to replace one drive from my raidz1 (3x3TB) which was made with WD green drives (shame!). One of them failed and I'm now looking forward to using more reliable NAS drives but I can't decide which one to buy. You can find my thread over here and see my shameful build...
  4. StephenFry

    Replacing a drive using CLI - what happens to swap-partition and ashift on new drive?

    This afternoon I assisted a panicked friend who had a failed HDD in his FreeNAS and it led me to an interesting question. To me, at least, because I don't know the answer... He uses, the last 32-bit version, for reasons I'm not aware of. The setup is a 4-drive RAID-Z2. Again, I don't...