drive mounting

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    Plex Permissions

    For some idiotic reason, I decided to play around with the permissions to my Dataset containing the plex media. Immediately, I lost access to my movies, shows, etc. Now, I still cannot access the drive mount to associate the one inside the root of plex jail to the storage accessible in...
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    Can I safely import ZPOOLs that were not exported?

    Can I safely import ZPOOLs that were not exported? I would like to mount pools that were not cleanly exported. Is it safe to boot a FreeNAS install USB into Shell and then import the boot drive, or the data pools? When I attempted zpool import freenas-boot, I got a message that 'pool may...
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    SMB Windows share drive mapping issues

    Hey all, I just got my freenas system working this week and am a noob at this. I'm running an old file server node that I got for free after my college upgraded its super computer. If you are curious it's running dual xeon 5420's (I will probably disable one to save power later), 16gb of ecc...