drive identification

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    Script to Identify Disk Drives - device name / Serial / GPTID

    As part of the process of upgrading my FreeNAS box, I'm going through and sorting all my scripts. I put together this script to aid in drive identification so that when a drive fails it's easier to locate the correct drive for replacement. The similar scripts I have come across used smartctl...
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    Unable to identify drive with sas2ircu

    Hi, I inherited a Freenas Server 9.3 running on Supermicro server with a LSI SAS2008 card and 3 JBOD enclosures attached, 2 of the enclosures are 60 drive capacity and the other one is 48 drive capacity, with 8TB drives installed. We've recently experienced a drive failure. I am unable to find...
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    SOLVED disk identification

    This might sound funny, but if you have 5 disks in a raid, how do you identify the faulty drive (physically) in your NAS box?