drive count

  1. J

    RAID-Z2 with only 3 drives?

    Hi, folks: I'm new to FreeNAS. I want to build a server for my archive of home documents and photos. My top priority is to be robust against data loss. I don't demand much performance, and data efficiency is nice but secondary to robustness. My old server is a RAID1 with three 3TB drives...
  2. A

    RAIDZ2 drive count for >10TB usable storage.

    I'm putting together a FreeNAS server and before purchasing drives I have one question please : Would 5 x 4tb or 6 x 3tb drives be a better configuration for RAIZ2 with >10Tb of usable storage. Both will achieve my capacity amount and I would prefer to use less drives but if 6 drives has a...