disaster recovery

  1. H

    ZVol Backup to Azure Blob

    Hello, I've done some research but cannot seem to find an exact answer. I have started using FreeNAS as my primary storage target for my VMWare lab, but not that ive done this i'm trying to determine my best method of for backup in case of disaster recovery. I see I can configure Azure Blog as...
  2. KazuyaDarklight

    BackBlaze B2 Update Question(s)

    v11.2 - U3 on Primary, U4 on Backup. We have 2 units. "Primary" and "Backup", the Primary runs normally and Backup takes in snapshots from Primary via Replication Tasks. We want to use B2 for our offsite backup/DR. With that in mind, am I best served by running the Cloud Sync on Primary...
  3. hokan

    SOLVED How to Promote a Replicant to be Primary?

    I have two identical systems running FreeNAS. The Main system is used for storage; the other is for replication from the main system. What is the process for making the replicant into the primary system (for example, in case the primary is damaged)?
  4. L

    New to FreeNAS - How To Back Up VMWare ESXi VMs to a FreeNAS

    Hi; I have not used FreeNAS before but have installed and configured it as best I can. The issue I'm trying to figure out is how do I backup a Windows VM hosted on a separate VMWare ESXi 6.5 server to the FreeNAS? This is a non-production environment, just a test lab I use to play ... Here's...