1. dak180

    Activating Plex hardware acceleration

    I updated the Plex pkg and noticed this note: @@@ INTEL GPU OFFLOAD NOTES @@@ If you have a supported Intel GPU, you can leverage hardware accellerated encoding/decoding in Plex Media Server on FreeBSD 12.0+. The requirements are as follows: * Install multimedia/drm-kmod: e.g., pkg install...
  2. P

    rar2fs in jail on FreeNAS 9.10: Operation not permitted

    Hi all, I would like to use rar2fs inside a jail on FreeNAS 9.10. I've installed rar2fs by running inside the jail. In the FreeNAS GUI I've added in Loader under System->Tunables. The Sysctls of the jail is When I try to mount i get the following error: I'm not sure about how to edit...