detect permission type

  1. naslp

    Only first 2 hdds detected

    Installed FreeNAS but it is always detecting only the first 2 drives. I have 4 nos. of 4tb hdds each plugged into lenovo emc pc12-400r. Every time i view the disks tab in FreeNAS i could only find 2 drives from the first two slots. Swap the disks still same problem. Hdds and slots are working...
  2. kroko

    Detect dataset permission type (UNIX/ACL) from terminal

    Hi, I have two scripts that rsync'es multiple datasets to remote. One for UNIX one for ACL datasets, as rsync flags should differ. I could create more general approach using just one script by changing each "associative array" member, it's the way i have set it up (local path and remote path)...