dell t20

  1. zedo

    Dell T20 vs Supermicro vs Intel or other ?

    Hello, This forum really helped alot ! But I still can't make up my mind on what is the best solution for my first FreeNAS build. I want to use my NAS for storing files and Plex Server for maximum 2 video streams at once and maybe one small linux VM just for testing and playing. I think i...
  2. J

    Migrating to a new server with HDD expand

    Dear community, A few months back I built my first FreeNAS box. For that I've used a Dell T20 (E3-1225v3) with 12GB of ECC RAM and my main RAIDZ consisting of 3*4TB Seagate NAS HDDs. The server still works 100%, with +160 days of uptime. The only issue I have is with the upgrade from 9.3 to 9.1...