dell h200

  1. TheWoo

    SOLVED Flashing Dell Perc H310, H200, IBM M1015 to LSI 9211-8i under UEFI: Solution to „ERROR: Cannot Flash IT Firmware over IR Firmware“

    This post is to prevent more people from getting insane over trying to re-flash their HBAs (Host-Bus-Adapter)/SAS Controller in order to make them FreeNAS compatible. I spend an entire night finding the solution... There are countless instructions on the web on how to re-flash your IBM M1015...
  2. Chris Moore

    Dell PowerEdge R710 - Invalid PCIe card found in the Internal Storage slot!

    If you have a Dell PowerEdge R710 or you have contemplated getting one, you might want to watch this video, because the creator of the video explains the cause of the error and shows how to fix it. Yes, you can use the internal storage slot.
  3. David Henrickson

    Startup Storage difficulty

    Hello everyone! I wanted to say thank you to the volunteers that have the "know all" to help us whom do not have that. Awesome! With that said...I have an issue I purchased (4) 4TB hard drives. I did it in batches of 2. I installed the first 2 drives just to test out the system. Learn it and...
  4. M

    X11SSH-LN4F build advice.

    Hi All, First post so go easy! :) After tinkering with FreeNAS as an iSCSI target for my ESXi lab with whatever hardware i found laying around, i'm making the leap and building a purpose built server. Whilst the intended use is primarily for ESX (iSCSI) i would like another pool for an...