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    Sharing RW dataset between syncthing and smb

    Hi, I have a dataset assigned to syncthing and on it's own it works fine. I have added this dataset to smb shares and after some permission twiddling, managed to get both to sort of coexist. However, whenever the smbuser writes a new file to the dataset though samba, this new file is owned by...
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    "Parental Control"

    Hi a noob question THAT DOSENT EXIST ON GOOGLE. I am setting up a FreeNAS system with SMB shares. I have setup a pool with 3 datasets me, person 2, person 3. Person 3 is my child. I wnt to set it up so i can access his share and edit files but he can only access his files.So my question is...
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    File Permissions, Recommended Setup Advice

    Hi guys, New to FreeNAS but figuring things out pretty well, my only issue is with the file permissions, specifically on the datasets. So I have this setup for a testing environment built as a mock small business office with multiple users and departments, everyone in sales would have access to...