data migration

  1. A

    Server Umzug von 2x RAIDs zu 1x RAID

    Hallo zusammen, mir ist nach langer Zeit aufgefallen, dass der Aufbau meines Pools nicht so effiktiv war wie anfangs gedacht. Ich habe ein Pool, der aus 2x 4 RAIDZ2 x 4TB besteht. Hätte ich diesen Pool nach 1x8 RAIDZ2 x 4TB aufgebaut, würde ich ganze 7 TB dazu gewinnen als gesamt verfügbare...
  2. Stone Monarch

    Moving all data from one pool to another

    So I recently switched from having FreeNAS installed on 3 HDDs in raid to putting it on 2 USBs in raid 1. but now I have 3 drive bays open and want to add more 3TB drives in its place. But i want to move all the data off the existing pool in a different one so can add the 3 drives to the HP...
  3. Tony Self

    Data Migration

    I am getting to grips with migrating my data from my Ext4 formatted drives, but before I go much further I would like to get some validation on my storage strategy before I get to a point of no return. I have 8 x 3TB drives (5 WD Red and 3 Seagate Barracuda). At the moment I had managed to...
  4. Tony Self

    Hi FreeNAS

    Hi Guys, It looks as though you have another convert, but I am going to need some help to get me up and running. I come from an IT background, but I am now retired and spending my life chilling out on a small island in Thailand. Over recent years I have built various media servers. I started...