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    Question for DEVs RE: Directory Structure & Upgrades

    I need to create a directory for custom scripts (mainly for test/maintenance), and I want this directory totally independent from my storage pools so that I can use it even with my pool disks disconnected from the system. I used to use a UDF USB Drive, but now that I have upgraded to V11, UDF...
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    Upgrade-safe script location?

    Supposing I want to build custom monitoring scripts or what have you, is there a location (perhaps /usr/local/sbin?) where they won't get pwned by an upgrade?
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    Using the word "FreeNAS" on logo, datasheet etc

    Hi guys Im not familiar with the legal details, but I was wondering if one is allowed to use the word or brand "FreeNAS" on a custom build for sale. I have a handful of customers that need NAS and Im considering using FreeNAS on a custom box and affix a label with a logo, saying something like...