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    Strange issue with l2arc

    Hi all! I'm experiencing a strange issue with l2arc that began after the 9.10.2 update. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same. Basically after a few days of running, FreeNAS suddenly thinks that 700GiB of l2arc has magically transformed into 32EiB (Exabytes!!!) of l2arc. Then...
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    Extremely poor performance from Intel 750 PCIe NVMe when no SLOG used - CTL_DATAMOVE errors

    I am re configuring one of our SuperMicro boxes, which connects via 4x 1gbE to ESXi 6.0u2. We had a slow/crappy SSD SLOG for an 8 disk raid10, and decided to replace it as well as add in 2 Intel 750 PCIe NVMe cards. They do have their own full 8x PCIe channel, even though they only require 4x...