cpu usage

  1. P

    Upgrade from 11.1U6 to 11.2 CPU Usage and Temp remains at 0

    Hi I just upgraded from 11.1U6 to 11.2. Everything went brilliantly/. Thank you But CPU Usage remains at 0. And CPU Temp remains at 0 Other stats are OK
  2. N

    RSync CPU resource usage

    I did some file backup from my QNAP nas to my FreenNAS using rsync and during file transfer the WEBUI was barely responding so I did run top in a shell and noticed that the rsync process had a PRI (Priority) of 106, aren't this way high ? My CPU is a Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 cores)...
  3. Alpinesun

    CPU Usage Report Graph not updating

    Hi all, I updated some hardware today in my NAS (New Mobo/CPU/Network adapter) and after the reboot some of my reporting graphs stopped working. After some reading on the forums I went to System>System Datasets and disabled both Syslog and reporting database. I rebooted the box, re-enabled them...