1. U

    System unresponsive, USB Booting OS failed - again.

    (Server's offline atm, so going by memory a bit here, so please bear with me) I've a 'new' HPE microserver (gen.10 IIRC) that I've loaded with 4 WD's (4GB?), in a ZRAID config, one of which is a hot spare. I've opted to replace the optic drive with a SSD for.... SSD stuff. Been running a few...
  2. Nanosynth

    Blame FreeNAS or VMWare/corrupt VMs on FreeNAS

    Was wondering if anyone has had ruined/corrupt/non-bootable virtual machine files on FreeNas. Just built my FreeNas (11.1-U4) on standalone Dell R410 with 4 drives. Loaded FreeNas to its own harddrive, no Esxi on this server or drives at all. Other server is a DellR410 again fiber channel back...
  3. D

    Corruption in Mirror

    I'm quite new to FreeNAS and I'm perplexed by an issue I'm having with a mirror of two 8TB disks. If data corruption occurs on one disk, shouldn't FreeNAS automatically correct it using data from the other disk? Why is it stating, "Permanent error have been detected[...]?"