1. D

    How do I compile older FreeNAS?

    (Sorry if Im on the wrong thread, and please do point me to the right one if I should move this post) I was able to compile the latest version of freeNAS on github, straightforward instructions, no problem there. How do I go about compiling an older version? for example, 11.2 U1? I know I can...
  2. lexxai

    samba 4.7.0 compiled with --with-quotas ?

    Want try to use get quota command ( This option is only available you have compiled Samba with the --with-sys-quotas option or on Linux with --with-quotas and a working...
  3. V

    [How-To] Cardigann compiling (Jackett alternative for Sonarr)

    Building Cardigann which is coded in Go Lang was tricky. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to setup in your Jail on FreeNAS (FreeBSD). Personally, I have it setup in my Transmission jail. First, you need to install GO Lang if you dont have it already in your Jail: pkg install...