1. D

    Running CloudSync only at night

    Can a CloudSync task be configured to run only after hours? I have a big folder that needs to be synced to the cloud, but I can upload only at night, when IM not working. Can the scheduled be set for 'pause' during business hours?
  2. G

    Cloud sync, Google drive token expiring

    Good day everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble getting Cloud sync to work with google drive. I was able too get my google drive token from and get a scheduled sync working however It keeps failing giving me a status of ( FAILED:RCLOI ) my guess...
  3. Garyw

    Cloudsync option missing under tasks

    I've upgraded FreeNAS 9 to 11 and one of the things I was keen to try was the sync to S3. I've setup a bucket at S3, added in the AWS key and secret key and that's all gone fine. From reading the FreeNAS 11.1 beta1.pdf file (, page 86, there should...