cloud credentials

  1. C

    OneDrive Cloud Credentials stop working After a few days.

    I have setup a nightly config backup and set it up to sync to my personal OneDrive so I can easily access the config should something happen and I need to restore. I have had it twice now that the initial test backup works, but then it stops. I check it in a few days and it hasn't backed...
  2. B

    GCP credentials, forbidden

    Hi all, I'm running FreeNAS 11.2-U2.1 on ESXi 6.5, FreeBSD 64-bit. This is not meant for production, merely to have a proof of concept before going out and buying a ton of hardware. I'm trying to get the FreeNAS box to replicate to a GCP bucket. I created a service account, gave it relevant...
  3. dvc9

    AWS Amazon S3 - Cloud Credentials - add region.

    Hey! I'm testing different Cloud Credentials, my goal is to create a Backup of my server on the cloud. On AWS S3 I hoverer found an strange "bug" or missing option. Im located in Norway, therefor when creating an S3 Bucket, I select (EU) Stockholm as a Region. All is working perfectly, I...