clean install

  1. Jakub Kratochvíl

    Can't upload config file to restore after new installation

    Hello, I have a strange issue. I did a clean installation of FreeNAS (FreeNAS-11.2-BETA1) and once I wanted to upload config file from my old FreeNAS I have selected the file and clicked Submit button, but nothing has happened. I have tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox; tried rebooting the system...
  2. B

    How to unlock an encrypted pool after a clean install

    Hi everyone, how is the correct procedure to unlock an encrypted pool after a clean install of FreeNAS on a new boot device? I had the problem that I was only able to unlock my pool with the help of a geli_recovery.key. I had to use this file/key every time I wanted to unlock the pool. What I...
  3. B

    Entschlüsseln eines Pools nach CleanInstall

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe FreeNAS 11.1 auf einem neuen USB-Stick installiert und nicht, wie bisher immer, ein Upgrade einer bestehenden Installation gemacht. Von meiner bestehenden Installation (11.0-U4) habe ich dein Einstellungen, den GELI.key und Recovery.key herunter geladen. Nach der...