1. joltman

    Expand the Storage (Hard Drive Time!)

    I've moved my Supermicro 846EL1-900B chassis from a APC SmartUPS 1500 to a SmartUPS 6000 on 240V/30A circuit. Since then, during weekly scrubs the ESXi NICs drop and the Management Network and the VMs are not pingable. The VMs are still running, but I can't bring them back until I force...
  2. A

    Looking for Home Server chassis

    Hi there, Recently my Home Server chassis got damaged in transport. Fortunately all the hardware survived but I am in need of a new chassis. I was using a Fractal Define R5. My requirements are: - Support for 8x HDD and 2x SSD - Support for ATX motherboard and PSU - Dust filters -...