1. S

    How to set up an nginx reverse proxy with SSL termination in a jail

    Instructions are available here: https://www.samueldowling.com/2020/01/18/nginx-reverse-proxy-freenas-ssl-tls/ Recently I went through the process of standing up a Bitwarden server. As this is the second service that I plan to make available externally to my LAN, I had to set up a reverse...
  2. D

    Nextcloud Plugin - Certbot renewal webroot challenge fails

    Hi all, I'm kind of stuck getting the certificate from letsencrypt to renew on my nextcloud (official plugin) install. I'm using the certbot webroot method to do so. The command I'm using (to test) : certbot certonly -d mydomain After which I choose the webroot option and input the webroot...
  3. J

    Apache24 was running fine, now won't start

    I have a jailed owncloud installation that has been running perfectly on Freenas 11.0-U2 for several weeks. My certbot based certificate was due to expire so I set up a cron job to call "certbot renew", as per recommendations, and it promptly renewed the certificate, and all seemed well with...
  4. airflow

    [HOWTO] configure official certificates for FreeNAS using Let's Encrypt

    Hello, I recently wanted to leverage the free official Let's Encrypt CA for using in some of my projects, for example for the GUI of FreeNAS itself. It's quite easy, and with a little hack you can automate the process completely, so you will never have to manually renew the certificate of...
  5. ZodiacUHD

    HOW-TO: Set up NGINX to reverse proxy your jails w/ Certbot

    Disclaimer: -I'm making this guide simply to help other people, i just put together multiple guides found on the internet (which i'll post below). This is meant to be as easy as it gets for a newbie to get NGINX to reverse proxy using https. -What is a reverese proxy...