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    SSL from Jail in FreeNAS System -> Certificates

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution with linking SSL from jail (generated by Lets Encrypt) to one of named imported certs in FreeNAS System -> Certificates. Now I'm manually updates certificate which I'm using in FTP of FreeNAS - Is it possible to automate it? Maybe its stupid question, but
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    looking for certbot in nextcloud plugin

    Hello, I've installed the Nextcloud Plugin on freenas 11.2-stable. Setup was fine, and I was going to expose the instance to the internet to allow syncing with my phone. I went into the jail to setup letsencrypt for for ssl, but I am unable to find certbot. >pkg install py27-certbot Updating...
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    FreeNAS 11.1 (or later), Let's Encrypt, Certbot - certificate installation tool

    Inpired by @danb35's script for installing certificates created by acme.sh, I've created one for use with EFF's Certbot tool, which offers a great deal of flexibility and is very well supported. As with acme.sh you'll have to install and run Certbot in either a jail or on another system in your...