camcontrol devlist

  1. David Henrickson

    Hard drives installed, not seeing 1 of them

    Hello, I have finally updated my H200 card to IT mode and I have also updated my Dell T610 to the latest update pack per the Dell webpage as of August 2018. So, I know I am fully updated. I have installed 6 hard drives and I can only see 5 in FreeNAS. I have done a CAMCONTROL DEVLIST and the...
  2. E

    SOLVED Migrating to New Hardware ==> "STATUS UNKNOWN" Zpool

    I am attempting to upgrade the hardware I use for my FN system. Many users seem to have had success with shutting down his / her current system, physically moving the HDDs and the USB keys to new hardware, booting up and configuring the networking if needed. However, I receive a red flashing...