ca certificate

  1. itskando

    SOLVED freeNAS OS CAs (versus easy-rsa)

    Most guides I've seen reporting on openVPN describe use of easy-rsa. freeNAS has its own CA generator - when is this best used for something?
  2. Monkey_Demon

    FreeNAS 11.2, No-IP, & Let's Encrypt confusion

    Several years ago I purchased a Netgear ReadyNAS as a home server, largely to host Plex. A few years later Netgear came out with a new model and abandoned my version, so it no longer could run newer versions of Plex. Soon it was useless as a Plex server, and I was faced with the choice of buying...
  3. S

    SSL followed by CRSF "Forbidden" lockout on a clean install

    I've got myself into a bit of a mess, I think I need help to get out of it. I just set up a clean install of 9.10-2-U1, and tried to configure HTTPS (haven't done this before as I'm not very confident at certificate/CA setup, but the docs seemed straightforward). I created a CA, then a...
  4. T

    Import GlobalSign Root CA Certificate

    Hi all, I try to import GlobalSign Root CA certificate in my Freenas (9.10-stable). As indicated here (GlobalSign Root R1 certificate), - certificate is : -----BEGIN...