boot partition

  1. infinit0s

    Boot Drive question

    Hello everyone, Happy to finally join the TrueNAS community :)! It is my understanding that it is no longer recommended to boot software from a USB drive and preferably an SSD hard drive should be used - this raises a question that I can not get my head around. The OS 'weighs' only a couple of...
  2. T

    M.2 SSD as a boot and cache drive?

    I bought a 120GB SSD for a boot drive and hate to waste the 100+GB of empty space! Does freeNAS accept partitioned drives and can I have one partition as a boot and one as a cache drive?
  3. S

    USB Mirror, drive failed, resilvered, cant boot

    Title says most of it. I have a pair of 8GB USB sticks in a Mirror for booting. All was well until one of them started going bad and was degraded. No problem, I have more! Pop in a new drive, let it resilver. All appears well. Until I had to reboot... Upon reboot, the system with hang at...