boot checksum error

  1. Z

    How to determine which usb drive is faulty

    Hi, I have a boot mirror with 3 identical usb drives. One drive showed up with 22 write errors so I would like to replace it before it gets worse. But how can I tell which physical usb drive is the one with the 22 errors? Can I just unplug one and then easily add it to the pool again...
  2. J

    Part 1- Do I need to replace this boot drive Part 2- How to identify which drive has errors

    Hello all I have a home freenas backup/plex box that I first set up in Aug 2015 and has been pretty much running without issues so far. I am running the OS on two mirrored USB drives. A few days back I noticed an email from the box which said that one of the boot drives had some unrecoverable...