1. O

    FreeNAS road to Threadripper

    My journey started about 3 years ago in 2016. I had a WD PR4100 running Plex and it was super slow to transfer files to and had issues streaming more than 2 movies at a time. I had heard about FreeNAS so I took a really old AMD phantom II and am3+ motherboard and some old hard drives I had...
  2. horizonbrave

    delayed blog articles

    Hi all :) Please what's going on with the blog articles? When they get published they're always dated from couple of months earlier.. like this latest "June" entry which appeared on the blog in August. Many thanks!
  3. SFoskett

    Blogging My FreeNAS Build

    I thought folks here might be interested in reading about my FreeNAS adventure. I'm blogging my build: Hello FreeNAS! Goodbye Drobo and Iomega… My FreeNAS Build: Supermicro X10SL7, Intel Haswell Xeon, ECC RAM 14 Drives For 14 Ports: A Case For FreeNAS It’s Fine To Mount Hard Drives On Their...