1. Fire-Dragon-DoL

    SOLVED Badblocks destructive test and returned errors

    I've been running disk-burning tests on my new HDDs using Of 4 HDDs, 3 of them are showing a lot of read errors. Are they really all damaged? 1 of them is a WD blue (meant for backups...
  2. P

    smartctl vs badblocks

    Well, I have a dilemma. Recently I had a big problem with my WD60EFRX disks (WD Red-6TB).. I had a 9 disk array and replaced about 7 of them due to failures.. I tested every replacement with badblocks before confirming as safe.. Last two disks arrived from WDC Support ( which I had to send...
  3. R

    Disks in read-only mode

    I've two new disks I'm trying to burn-in/test before putting them in production. My FreeNAS server has multiple hot swap bays. (This is a 4U system from ix systems.) I put the two new drives into the empty bays. System sees them and gives them da21/da0 and da42/da43 dev numbers (dual channel...
  4. I

    Errors during badblocks test on two brand new drives in same/similar spots

    I'll preface by saying that I'm a total FreeNAS newbie and a moderate linux user (more ubuntu than freebsd) I am building a new FreeNAS machine and have installed FreeNAS on it. During the installation process my two storage hard drives (each 4TB WD Red) were configured in a Mirror layout I...
  5. Alan W. Smtih

    Determine block size for badblocks

    The excellent [How To] Hard Drive Burn-In Testing shows two ways to run `badblocks`. The basic way: badblocks -ws /dev/ada# And with `-b` to tell `badblocks` to use a specific byte size that's sometimes necessary for disks over 2TB in size: badblocks -b 4096 -ws /dev/ada# While that last...