1. I

    Time Machine Backup Keeps Failing

    I've got a share called MacbBackups on my FreeNAS 11.1-U4 and its got the Time Machine box ticked. im using it to backup my IMac and MacBook but i keep getting an error on my macbook. I get this notication, and this in system preferences, but i never get this problem on my imac. I think it...
  2. Nerdlinger

    So what IS in the DB?

    So, I implemented the script that does the monthly backup of the DB. that's fine. I modified it to include some scripts that I added under /root/scripts. but I'm not clear on what else I need to back up on a regular basis.... I guess I am just not sure whats IN the db vs whats in the OS...
  3. C

    Looking for best practices for data backup

    Hello. I have just switched from NexentaSTOR to FreeNAS and am very happy I made the switch. Much better performance and ease of use. I am using FreeNAS as iSCSI datastores for my VMware ESXi servers in my lab. I have a primary FreeNAS server running with Raid10 and a secondary FreeNAS server...